Jul 18, 2012

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2012 Wine Blog Awards: Best New Wine Blog Finalist!


AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: The BEST NEW WINE BLOG category had an error, all previous votes have been canceled. Please vote again using this easy ONE CLICK voting button to re-vote for WineJulia.com for the Best New Wine Blog!


I am very excited and truly honored to have been chosen as a finalist for the 2012 Wine Blog Awards in the category Best New Wine Blog. I’m surrounded by some very knowledgeable, proficient and entertaining writers, and I feel quite fortunate to be among such talented wine enthusiasts.

Wine and I have been friends for a long time. From my first experience of tasting a truly decadent red wine, almost twenty years ago, in a tiny wine bar located down an alley in Toledo, Spain, to the world-class Oregon Pinot Noirs that I now enjoy on a regular basis, I know wine well, and I absolutely love it.  Writing and I, on the other hand, only recently became acquainted. About two years ago, I was approached by the marketing director of the South Willamette Wineries Association, who was visiting my Oregon-focused wine bar, and when I was asked if I’d be interested in being the association’s Senior Writer, I thought it was so funny I almost spit out my wine. Because of my adoration and dedication to the wineries of Oregon, along with my whole-hearted respect for the association’s very talented marketing director, I decided to give writing a chance. I never thought it would turn into a full-blown love affair. In addition to writing for the South Willamette Wineries Association, I’m the Food & Wine Editor at Eugene Daily News , I’m a Mentor on Snooth.com, and of course, I own WineJulia.com.

Wine, Writing and I spend most of our time in the heart Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley, absorbing the bounties of the Pacific Northwest, and reaping the joys of wine and food. Together with wine and writing, I’m doing what I love and I love what I’m doing! 

Seventeen judges have been hard at work over the last several weeks, reading through hundreds of nominated wine blogs, and the finalists were announced today – on Wine Wednesday, of course. I’ve been very busy all day clicking on the blogs that have made it on to the finalists list, and I’m so proud and honored to be among such impressive talent. There are some incredibly informative and entertaining wine blogs out there, and they’re all deserving of recognition and readers.

Like I love to say, “kick off your shoes, grab a glass of wine, put your feet up” and take a browse through the list of finalists. For links to the wine blogs and to cast your vote for your favorites, click on VOTE2102: