Jul 30, 2012

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Pair This: BBQ Ribs with King Estate Petite Sirah

Luscious, Bold Petite Sirah

Summer BBQ’s and great wines go hand in hand, and this pairing is certainly no exception. Yesterday was a beautifully blue skied and warm afternoon, and with a bottle of King Estate’s 2010 Petite Sirah on hand, we decided to throw some ribs on the grill to pair with this luscious wine.

The Ribs: Using a Bourbon Bacon BBQ Sauce recipe I found on Chow.com – I swapped out the sugar in this recipe for Agave nectar – these BBQ ribs are some of the most delicious ribs I’ve ever made. This sauce combined sweet and spicy perfection with beautifully bold flavors.

The Wine: King Estate’s 2010 Petite Sirah is inky black in color and has coffee and blueberry aromas. Intense tannins alongside rich and complex dark fruit flavors, this wine is pretty big and bold.

Bourbon Bacon BBQ Ribs | photo credit Chow.com

The pairing: Perfection! Neither the wine or the ribs overpowered each other, they were in harmony with their bold and complex flavors, and this is one food and wine pairing we’ll be enjoying throughout summer. Simply, yet boldly, delicious.