Aug 12, 2012

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In The Glass: Pfeiffer Viognier 2008

What’s a wine gal to do when her air conditioning conks out on the absolute most humid day in the Willamette Valley since who knows when? I’ll tell you – she opens a bottle of very chilled Pffeiffer Vineyards 2008 Oregon Viognier.

Pfeiffer Vineyards ’08 Oregon Viognier has a beautifully fruity nose with aromas of grapefruit and bananas. On the palate, a silky mouthfeel along with refreshing grapefruit, peach and pineapple flavors create a wave of freshness with a medium length citrus finish; excellent when super chilled on a hot – really hot – summer day.

Voila! No air conditioning needed! Well, at least not until tomorrow, when there is no more Viognier.