Feb 23, 2013

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Pair This: Carabella 2010 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir and Grilled Salmon

I realize that Pinot Noir paired with salmon is seriously a no-brainer – the two together are almost always a perfect pairing. What makes this particular pairing stand out, however, is the fact that I didn’t use any recipe to make this super quick, fuss-free, extremely delicious dinner.

salmon with rosemary up close

I love salmon

After slicing several thick pieces from a filet of fresh salmon, I momentarily pondered how I was going to cook it. Although I absolutely love grilled salmon, grilling outdoors in the middle of a Willamette Valley winter is not so fun, so I decided to dig out my George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine from deep within a kitchen cupboard.

George Foreman and grill

George Foreman and his Lean Mean Grilling Machine

After blowing off the dust and giving it a good rinse, I wondered if this fadish 90’s kitchen gadget was going to still work. But, once I plugged it in, it was piping hot within minutes. I simply added a sprig each of fresh rosemary and dill, then squeezed some lemon and sprinkled salt and pepper on each slice of salmon. I put the salmon on the grill, closed the lid, and it was grilled to perfection in about four minutes.

I love a great meal in minutes, but when there’s a glass of Carabella 2010 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir in one hand, and a fork with a piece of perfectly grilled salmon in the other, it’s pure bliss .

photo (54)

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