Apr 29, 2013

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Pinteresting: Beloved Blue

While I was sitting outside soaking in the warmth of the sunshine, glass of wine in hand, I was reminded of my favorite color as I stared up at the gorgeous blue sky. Blue is my absolute favorite color. Regardless of its shade, blue is graceful, cool, calm and soothing. It’s the color of the ocean, and it’s the color of the summer sky. Over the years, I’ve bought many things, in many different shades of blue. From my cobalt blue plates, bowls and variegated placemats to my sky-blue comforter and denim blue couch, I simply can’t tire of the gorgeous color blue.

One of the things I love about Pinterest is being able to obtain a plethora of photos with a simple search. Type in “blue,” and a million and one blue things will appear – from blue doors and blue birds to blue floors and blue oceans. Here are some of my favorite blues, taken from my Pinterest board that’s dedicated to all things blue: Beautiful Blue. Click on any of the pictures below to be brought to their original source. Enjoy!

  1. As I read your post, I am surrounded, seven stories high, by the blue of the Pacific Ocean & the sky (corner room with balconies!) soothing my soul with the accessory sounds, smell and mist of the sea~I love blue too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful perspectives and appreciation of simple gifts…there if we just take a moment to see them? Life is sensational~

    • There’s nothing quite like the “sounds, smell and mist of the sea…” it soothes the soul for sure, as does the color blue! Thanks for reading, enjoy that fabulous view!