Apr 4, 2013

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#SnoothPVA Weekend in New York City

IMG_5582#SnoothPVA is the Twitter hashtag several top food and wine bloggers, including me, used during a recent weekend filled with exceptional wine and food in New York City. Snooth.com, the worlds leading wine related socially interactive website, invited us to to join them for their First Annual People’s Voice Wine Awards Grand Tasting. Not only were we VIPs for the Grand Tasting, where over 300 wineries from around the world showcased their best wines, but we also joined Snooth for several stellar wine and food events that focused on different wine regions, varietals and wineries. From South Africa and Austria to Brazil and Oregon (to name just a few), we were able to taste world-class wines while learning about their histories and terroirs – it was truly an amazing weekend.


A delicious Ensalada De Jamon Con Peras at New York’s Salinas Restaurant for the Ribera Del Duero tasting

Using the hashtag #SnoothPVA allowed us to track each of our comments and pictures on the wines and foods we were trying during the stellar events we attended over the course of the weekend. Pictures, tasting notes, quotable moments, educational points and thoughts were tweeted and documented under #SnoothPVA by the attending bloggers, which was a great way to create a buzz and bring attention to where we were, what we were tasting and what we were learning.

The wine classes, lunches and dinners that Snooth organized for our group included the Wines of Scarpa, Oregon Wines, Wines of Brasil, Ribera Del Duero, White Wines of Italy, Wines of Austria, Wines of South Africa and Wines of Rioja. In the upcoming months and beginning this week, Snooth will write an introduction to each of the events we attended on a weekly basis, and each of the bloggers will write a corresponding post on their websites. Snooth will link to each of our posts through their introduction article, allowing readers and wine enthusiasts a plethora of information on the regions and wines we experienced during the incredible SnoothPVA weekend in New York City. Starting this Friday, April 5, wine enthusiasts around the world will have a plethora of information at their fingertips about the Wines of Scarpa – we tasted twelve incredible wines from this rarely seen Italian winery, ranging in vintages from 2007 to 1978. Each week, another event from the SnoothPVA weekend will be highlighted, until the end of May. Together with Snooth, our group of wine and food bloggers, without a doubt, create a powerful social media voice in the world of wine.


Traditional South African dried fruit and nut plate starts off the tasting of Wines of South Africa

Each of the attendees that were invited by Snooth are accomplished and well-respected wine and food writers with websites that are absolutely the best of the best. These writers are passionate about what they do and it clearly shows in each of their stand-out websites. Keep up with the buzz on Twitter under the #SnoothPVA hashtag, and join us as we share our New York City SnoothPVA experiences through the following impressive and distinguished websites: