Dec 13, 2016

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12 Days of Oregon Pinot Noir: Affordable, Accessible, Ambrosial

Beginning December 14 and continuing for the following 12 days, I’ll be featuring one flagship Oregon Pinot Noir a day.  Hand-selected from established Willamette Valley wineries that are well-known for producing multiple tiers of world-class Pinot Noir, the 12 wines chosen to be featured are considered entry-level – they are the least expensive, most highly produced and earliest released Pinot Noirs from each of the represented wineries.


12 entry-level Oregon Pinot Noirs waiting to be discovered and revealed – one a day for 12 days

From December 14 to Christmas day, we will discover that entry-level wines can be expressive of their place, significant of their vintage and truly world-class.  We’ll explore their food-friendly acidity, reveal their fresh-fruit characteristics and unearth their layers of complexity that convey perpetual balance.  These are just some of the Oregon brands in this beautiful state where the winemakers give their flagship wines the same care and attention in the vineyard and the winery as they do their upper-tier wines, and with production of Oregon Pinot Noir jumping nearly 40% in 2014, accessibility has been key to Oregon’s goal of reaching new drinkers of Oregon Pinot Noir globally.  These are the Pinot Noirs that are affordable, accessible and absolutely ambrosial.


The first Oregon Pinot Noir to be featured will be Adelsheim 2014 Willamette Valley

For each of the 12 wines, my tasting notes along with a message from the winemaker will be highlighted – yielding a descriptive, informative insight into the featured wine. On the last day, December 25, two people will be chosen to be the winners of their very own amazing aerator, designed and produced by Oregon-based TRIbella (read about the TRIbella aerator here).  To enter to win, simply comment, like and/or share these articles via Instagram and Facebook.


Two lucky people will be the winners of their own TRIbella aerators – it comes in this convenient storage case.

The two people with the most communication on each of the 12 Instagram and Facebook posts (that will contain links to the articles) will be chosen as the winners, and TRIbella will send them their incredible aerator – my favorite wine accessory on the market! Follow @winejulia on Instagram and WineJulia on Facebook.

As with most red wine, I use my TRIbella rather than waiting to let the wine breathe.

As with most red wine, I use my TRIbella rather than waiting to let the wine breathe.