May 29, 2012

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Pinteresting: Summer Wine Concoctions

With summer right around the corner, my new favorite pin board on my Pinterest page has been given the label Wine Concoctions.

I’ve made and enjoyed a few summer sangria’s in my day, but never like the sangria’s I’ve seen on Pinterest. Not only have the tempting sangria recipes caught my attention, but I’ve been busy pinning recipes for wine cocktails like Mango Agave Wine Cocktail, Raspberry Lime Wine Cocktail, and Strawberry Puree Champagne. You can even find recipes for Wine Popcicles, yes that’s right, wine popcicles!

If the heat of the summer sun seduces you into wanting to cool off with a chilled summer cocktail (or adult popcicle), click on any of the images below – you’ll be directed to summer fun sangria and wine cocktail recipes galore.

Mint leaves, lemon sorbet, vodka and sparkling wine:



Wine Popcicles:



Thai Basil Sangria:

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