Mar 3, 2013

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My 1/2 Day Vacation

I love exploring the wines of the world. As a wine writer, I receive a lot of wine samples from wineries all over the world. From as close as the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon to as far as the Barossa Valley in South Australia, tasting the various regions of the world is something I absolutely love to do.

Ledger David vines Marc Salvatore

photo credit: Marc Salvatore

Before writing about the wines I sample, I always immerse myself in research on the particular wine region and winery where the wine came from. I read about the winery, the winemaker and the winemaking process. I take note of the climate, growing season, and the varietals that thrive in that specific region. But, what’s so great about doing all this research is that I feel like I’m taking a 1/2 day vacation.

vineyard ledger david photo credit marc salvatore

photo credit: Marc Salvatore

The new 1/2 Day Vacation series on is a tab that’s dedicated to wineries and wine regions around the world. The second best thing to physically being at a winery while sipping the wine is researching and writing about a winery while sipping the wine.

I recently received some samples from a winery in Sonoma County, California, located in the Alexander Valley wine region: Trione Vineyards and Winery. Join me as I take my 1/2 Day Vacation to Sonoma – I’m excited to share the Trione wines with you, cheers!

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