Feb 19, 2018

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Classic Wines Auction Winemaker Dinner Series Boasts Esteemed Oregon Chefs, Restaurants & Wineries

Classic Wines Auction Winemaker Dinner Series  unites annually with some of Portland’s most notable chefs, restaurant venues and local winemakers to offer exquisite culinary experiences that highlight intimate multi-course meals along with expertly crafted wine pairings – a unique dining experience that wine and food enthusiasts won’t find anywhere else.

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Taking place over a span of two weeks (Feb. 20 – March 1), Classic Wines Auction taps into the bountiful food and wine industry of the Pacific Northwest, working with more than 50 of the hottest and most generous local chefs and winemakers – all who have committed to supporting the Classic Wines Auction events – proceeds go to five local charities for children and families in the community.  The Classic Wines Auction Winemaker Dinner Series is one of the most recognized and celebrated charitable food and wine programs in the country. 

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Ranging in price from $75 to $150 dollars per person, multiple winemaker dinners take place at various locations throughout the city on each of the evenings that the dinners are offered.  Creativity took center-stage in the planning process; for example, an exhibit at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery called Assemblage and Collage (with work by 15 artists from all over the world) will feature a gourmet meal provided by Art of Catering and fine wine by acclaimed Oregon winery REX HILL enhance the artful ambiance.  Although the REX HILL event is sold out, there’s still space available at the Nightwood Society (a beautiful new event space owned and run by an all-women collective) with Analemma Wines – a creative and immersive dining experience that will provide a sense of community through food and design.

Photo: winemakerdinnerspdx.com

Other powerhouse partnerships include Shea Wine Cellars at Noble Rot, Adelsheim Vineyard at Swank, Leah Jørgensen Cellars at Irving Street Kitchen, Ken Wright Cellars at Cellar Z at Zupan’s, Division Winemaking Co. at the Nightwood Society (for a first-time-ever Sunday Brunch), Domaine Drouhin Wines will be featured at the Pearl Tavern with NFL celebrity guest (and UofO Alumni), Joey Harrington – to name just a few.  For a full list of what is currently still available, click here.  Purchase tickets here.

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One event that still has a few seats available is taking place Thursday, February 22, at Olympia Provisions NW featuring one of my favorite Oregon wineries: Crowley Wines.  I’ll be attending this event, along with my friend, photographer and co-founder, Sara Heinrichs, of our joint adventure in travel, wine and food: LUX: Photo Essays.

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